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  Etude House April Pink Bird Box ♥ (All Day Perfect Cushion, Fix & Fix Primer, Super Slim Proof Liner, Honey Cera)
Hello everyone!
I received the April Pink Bird Box a few weeks ago and can finally blog about it. This month has been pretty stressful for me because my new semester in university has started and I have to do tons of assignments, sorry for the delayed post!

Etude House sent me their new All Day Perfect Cushion and the Fix and Fix Primer which are some of their newest face products! I was honestly already a little excited for the Fix & Fix Primer because of the AD with Krystal from f(x) haha

I also received two eyeliners from their new Super Slim Proof Liner Collection, one pencil and one brush liner. They have promoted these eyeliners on their instagram account a lot, so this was basically what I was most excited about in this box~

The Honey Cera Trial Kit was a small extra gift from Etude House, thank you so much! ♥

Products in the April Pink Bird Box
♡ Any Cushion All Day Perfect in beige link
♡ Fix and Fix Primer in rose link
♡ Super Slim Proof Brush Liner in brown link
♡ Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner in black link
♡ Honey Cera Trial Kit link

Before I start with the review a small disclaimer just to get things clear:
**These products were sent to me and sponsored by Etude House (etudehouse.com). I didn't pay for any of these products with my own money. They were sent to me for absolutely free in exchange for an honest review. This being a sponsored post doesn't affect my opinion about all of these products at all. This is my 100% honest opinion**

I'm honestly impressed by the amount of products Etude House sent us Pink Birds~
This post is going to be super long, keep reading if you're interested~!

♥ Any Cushion All Day Perfect ♥

They sent me the Any Cushion All Day Perfect Cushion in the shade Beige. I'm a NC25/20 and think that this shade fits me perfectly! They also offer 5 other shades which you can chose from depending on your skintone. The range of shades you can chose from is already pretty impressive for a korean cosmetic brand imo. I honestly feel like this cushion is a little darker than the previous BB Cream they sent me in the January Box though (click here for the review).

The All Day Perfect Cushion has a SPF50+ and PA+++ which is pretty high and suitable for summer. Etude House claims that this cushion has a perfect coverage, smooth adherence and absolute lasting power which means that this cushion is suppose to make your skin look flawless for the whole day.

 The packaging is super cute with pink stripes and a kind of glass-like looking front. The cushion is super light and much thinner than previous Etude House cushions.

You can find an expiration date and some basic information about this cushion at the back. The product should be used up 12 months after opening it.

The All Day Perfect Cushion comes with a different puff than the regular pink/ blue Any Cushion. This sponge is denser and the pores are finer. I have to say that I prefer this sponge over the regular cushion puffs!

 When you open the little lit for the first time, you'll find this little sticker on top. You need to remove it after your first usage. They finally translated this part in english too haha~

I'm not sure if I'm imagining things but I think the All Day Perfect Cushion sponge has finer pores as well. I also noticed that this cushion contains less product than usual cushions (14g) and seems to run out faster. I only did some swatches on my hands and feel like I'm going to run out soon~

You have to press a little harder to get out the product~~

Here are some swatches of the Etude House All Day Perfect Cushion~worn:

I think the coverage of this cushion is high for a Korean BB Cushion but I would say it's medium coverage! It's not enough to cover your blemishes and rednesses completely but it will definitely make them less noticeable.
The formula is quite dry and highlightes my dry patches a lot! This cushion also tends to look cakey if you apply too much. One big problem I had was that it gave me an allergic reaction so I'm not sure if I can recommend this cushion to my fellow allergy sufferers ;; My skin is super sensitive and I'm allergic to almost everything so most people might not have problems with it (other Pink Bird members didn't get an allergic reaction).
The lasting power wasn't amazing but not bad either. I think this cushion stayed on my combination dry skin for about ~5 hours without any powder.  I feel like this cushion does cover my pores pretty well and makes them look less noticeable, even without a primer. It did a good job in hiding the blackheads and large pores on my nose as well.

I think this cushion would work for people with non-sensitive + oily/ combination skin in summer because they don't have to worry about it highlighting any dry areas or looking patchy and the staying power is quite decent. I recommend to spray some makeup fixer spray or water on the puff before applying it onto your skin, the finish will be more natural and seemless~

♥ Fix and Fix Primer ♥

They also released the Fix and Fix Primer in 4 different versions a couple of months ago. I received the shade Rose which is good for brightening up tired and dull looking skin. I honestly wish they would have asked me which version I would prefer but I'm okay with this shade too. The mint one is good for rednesses and the lavender one is good for yellow skin.

The packaging of the Fix and Fix Primer is a small and sleek tube that contains 30ml of the actual primer.

"Tone-up primer provides flawless skin base by correcting skin to make it look smooth and bright. Rose Color corrects dull skin tone and makes skin tone look revitalized"

You have to use up the Fix and Fix Primer 12 months after opening the packaging. The formula feels lighter and less greasy than the Color Correcting Cushion they released a few months ago (click here for the review of it).

It leaves back a slight white cast which ends up brightening up your skin tone without making you look ghostly white. I quite like the effect. However, it did highlight my dry areas as well and you could see random white skin patches on my skin. It does hide my pores a bit, I'm not complaining in that aspect!

 I think this primer would be nice for people who don't have problems with dry skin patches. I honestly think this primer is not bad and think I will be using this a lot in summer when my skin starts to become less dry and more oily. I really like the brightening effect and pore coverage it has and it's so easy to apply and very travel-friendly! I think wearing this primer like a CC Cream looks much better than combining it with the All Day Perfect Cushion because using both products tends to make your skin look very cakey ;; I would like to recommend this to people with oily-combination skin who are looking for a brightening effect and don't need much coverage.

♥ Super Slim Proof Liner ♥

The next two items they sent me are from their new Super Slim Proof Liner Collection! I received the Brush Liner in brown and the Pencil Liner in black.

Both eyeliners were fixed inside the box to prevent breakage to the liners.

The Super Slim Proof Brush Liner and Pencil Liner are both suppose to be waterproof and super slim to allow a super precise eyeliner application.

Here's a photo of the tip of the Brush & Pencil Liner: The tip of the Brush Liner is super precise and thin. The Pencil Liner has a very gel eyeliner type of feel and is very thin as well. You don't need to resharpen it, just simply twist it up!

Swatches of the Super Slim Proof Liners

I'm honestly super disappointed in the texture of both eyeliners. The Pencil Liner was way too hard and ended up scratching and pulling my eyes. I couldn't apply it without feeling some sort of pain/uncomfort. The application isn't smooth at all too and you'll end up getting a crooked and uneven line because it's super hard to apply.
The Brush Liner was easier to apply but was too watery for my taste, you can see how it's hard to draw a clear line because of the consistency, it looks like it's "bleeding" on my skin (look at the thin brown lines if you don't know what I mean).

Pencil Liner in black // Brush Liner in brown

I also did a smudge test to see how smudge-/waterproof these eyeliners actually are!

after application // rubbed // sprayed with water // rubbed with water

The staying power is definitely not as good as Etude House claims it to be.
The Pencil Liner smudges after rubbing it a few times and starts to fade after rubbing it with some water on top.
The Brush Liner doesn't budge when you try to rub it dry but once it touches water it rubs off like latex, one stroke and your eyeliner line is completely gone!

Keep in mind that your eyelids will most likely produce oil and not water so the smudging and fading will be even worse!

Here are some swatches on my eyes:

Super Slim Proof
Brush Liner // Pencil Liner

The eyeliners honestly don't look bad on my eyes but the staying power and formula is pretty bad. Out of these two eyeliners, the Pencil Liner probably lasts longer on your eyes but feels much more uncomfortable than the Brush Liner. It was super painful to get the looks above. I drew some fake lower eyelashes with the Brush Liner.

((The eyeshadows I'm wearing are from the January Pink Bird Box.))

Overall, I don't recommend the Pencil Liner at all because of the formula. I don't see myself using this Pencil Liner (as eyeliner) ever again because of how hard and uncomfortable it feels on my eyes. I really recommend everyone to stay away from this eyeliner! The Brush Liner is alright. I actually like how it rubs off like latex because this prevents smudging. I wouldn't purchase any of these two eyeliner with my own money though because I feel like there are many eyeliners that are much better for the same price~

The Honey Cera Trial Kit was a small gift from Etude House so I thought I should share some photos of it too and give a first impression on it.

The Honey Cera skincare line from Etude House contains Honey and Ceramide which will firm, nourish and give your skin elasticity~

Honey Cera Trial Kit:
Toner: has a milky watery texture, prepares your skin for the next steps well, feels a little sticky
Emulsion: light moisturizer, no stickiness
Cream: feels very heavy & rich, a little sticky
Priming Eye Serum: felt tingly on my under eye area

All products in this trial kit have a very strong perfumey and sweet honey scent. This line didn't break me out on the spot but I couldn't test it long enough to spot any differences in my skin. I honestly liked the cream out of this kit the best because I feel like it's really nice for my dry cheek area. The whole line was less moisturising than the Soon Jung one in the March Pink Bird Box imo eventhough I was expecting it to be the other way round.


I was honestly a little disappointed with the April Pink Bird Box because most products just didn't seem to work for me. The All Day Perfect Cushion gave me an allergic reaction, the Pencil Liner scratched my eyes...The Brush Liner wasn't bomb but alright to use. I'm pretty sure people with oily-combination skin would love the Etude House All Day Cushion because of the coverage, it just didn't work for me because of my skintype (and allergies lol). The cream from the Honey Cera Trial Kit and the Fix and Fix Primer were nice though. I probably like those two products the most~!

Here are some reviews from the other Pink Birds, they all have different shades ♥

Yennie - Cushion: Petal, Primer: Rose, Brush Liner (black), Pencil Liner (brown) (link)
Melissa - Cushion: Sand, Primer: Lavender, Brush Liner (black), Pencil Liner (brown) (link)
Kirsty ~coming soon~
Sophie - Cushion: Petal, Primer: Mint, Brush Liner (black), Pencil Liner (brown) (link)
Jasmine -  Cushion: Vanilla, Primer: Mint, Brush Liner (brown), Pencil Liner (black) (cushion, primer, liners)
Kathy - ~coming soon~

I'm already super excited for the next Pink Bird Box though and hope Etude House will pick out some nice products for us! I can't believe that there are only two boxes left until this program ends

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! ♥
Please follow me on instagram and bloglovin' for more updates ♥

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Blogger Unknown said on May 15, 2017 at 3:39 AM  

Your reviews are always so adorable! I have so much fun reading them :3 I noticed your black brush liner looks so bad!! �� Mine was fine so maybe you got a bad one? D: It should be consistent anyway ��

Blogger Mindy said on May 24, 2017 at 3:46 PM  

Hello Melissa♥ Thank you so much, I love reading your reviews too :3 I got the brown one so the color is alright, the watery formula bothered me alot though, the temperature differences on the shipping way might have ruined it ㅠㅠ

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