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  Etude House March Pink Bird Box ♥ (Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk, SOON JUNG, ..)
Hello everyone !
I haven't been very active on my blog this month because I had to write all my exams
While I was busy studying, a new Pink Bird Box from Etude House has arrived and it's filled with lipsticks from their new Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk Collection and their new skincare line SOON JUNG. They also sent me a couple of sheet masks from their 0.2 Therapy Air Mask line. I will talk about them a little bit more below.

This is everything they have sent me:

This month's box includes:
SOON JUNG Skin Care Trial Kit (Toner, Emulsion, Cream, Balm)
Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk case (#2 Crispy Potato, #13 Gentle Life, #15 Love Flamingo)
Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk (#PK003, #BR402, RD302)
0.2 Therapy Air Mask (Strawberry, Tea Tree, Hyaluronic Acid)

I'm very happy about this box. I was honestly only expecting one lipstick but they topped all my expectations and sent me three cases + three lipsticks! They also replied to my emails in less than an hour and even sent me some sheet masks and a skincare trial kit as gift, thank you so much! ♥

 ~ Let's move on to the reviews!

 Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk

Their new lipstick collection contains 20 different lipstick cases with 20 different lipstick shades which you can combine as you like. The cases have super adorable designs and I really like the idea of exchangeable lipstick cases because you mix and match your own lipstick which is kinda cool + it's pretty environmental friendly because you can reuse that case several times!

My favourite cases from this collection are definitely the french fries case (I'm so happy that I actually got that one!! ♥) and the Yummy Ketchup case! You can also buy two cases and change the caps to give it to your best friend as present, like this:

The only bad thing about this collection is that you have to buy the case (~4$) and the lipstick (~9$) which makes this lipstick quite expensive for a road shop lipstick (13$). It's actually almost as much as a MAC lipstick! Here are the cases I received:

I love the french fries case so much omg it's so cute ;-; The other cases are really cute too but this one has to be my favorite! ♥ The main case of this collection is the Love Flamingo case though, it's Krystal's pick. The case with the stripes is super adorable too, it reminds me of a popcorn bag haha.

The main color is #PK003 Romantic Frill Pink. I also got the colors #BR402 Bohemian Rosy Brown and #RD302 Swag Red. There are 20 other colors to choose from!

The packaging only includes the lipstick not the case, so you have to buy a case or else you can't use it! Here are the description boxes for both, the case and the lipstick:

 Bohemian Rosy BrownRomantic Frill PinkSwag Red

I put the main color in the main case and the red lipstick in the french fries case because it looks like ketchup xD I think this combination is really good~~ The main color #PK003 Romantic Frill Pink has f(x) Krystal's sign on it! That's pretty cool for all ME Us haha.

Here are some swatches:
 Bohemian Rosy Brown, Romantic Frill Pink, Swag Red

#BR402 보헤미안로지브라운 (Bohemian Rosy Brown)
A brownish rose color, it's perfect for that dried rose look and also suitable for everyday wear. It looks coral on the photo but it isn't in person.

#PK003 로맨틱프릴핑크 (Romantic Frill Pink)
A very bright bubblegum pink which would look good on pale and cool toned skin. This is the main color of their collection.

#RD302  스웨그레드 (Swag Red)
A bright red color.

I heard that these lipsticks are suppose to be dupes for the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks. I'm not sure about this because I've never tried the YSL ones but they are super glossy and moisturising and leave back a slight stain:

The color is more on the sheer side and it does highlight chapped lips a lot. You can clearly see that on the swatches. The color is buildable though! I didn't put on too much on the lip swatches but you can go over your lips several times and the color will look more opaque and vibrant.
The formula feels pretty lightweight and isn't sticky at all but super moisturising, it feels like you're wearing a colored lipbalm. I didn't taste anything bad while wearing them and the scent is very sweet/fruity/candy-ish? I think I can smell a hint of peaches! It's nothing too overwhelming though so I'm very happy about that.

Personal opinion: I think almost all of them are super nice for everyday wear. My favourite shade out of them all is hands down Bohemian Rosy Brown! The color is super natural and it seems to look good with minimal makeup. I don't recommend the Romantic Frill Pink lipstick to people with warm toned or tan skin because it's way too bright and might look off (eventhough the color is sheer). I think most bubblegum colored lipsticks look very flattering on cool toned and pale skin. The Swag Red one is really pretty too but I think the color looks very basic and isn't anything special. It would look pretty for a lip point makeup look. Here are two selfies of me wearing them:

 Romantic Frill Pink / Swag Red               

Overall, I really like the lipsticks and might want to try other colors once I run out of them because the formulation is pretty nice for dry lips in winter and the cases are super cute! You just have to make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying them because they highlight chapped/flaky lips :(

You can find the Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk cases here and the lipstick refills here !

I also received these 0.2 Therapy Air Masks from Etude House. I will post reviews for them in the next few posts, so please stay tuned! I got the Tea Tree, Hyaluronic Acid and Strawberry sheet masks and these are actually my first Etude House sheet masks haha.


Etude House's newest skincare line is called SOON JUNG which means "pure love" in Korean.  Their products are suitable for sensitive skin and are suppose to take care of damaged skin caused by external stimuli such as chemical ingredients and increased fine dust.

I'm honestly not a big fan of Etude House skincare because they always break me out (their famous moistful collagen cream gave me breakouts!) but I still gave it a try. I can't say too much about it though because it's just a trial set, it's impossible to say much about long term results. This will simply be a first impression review!

The march box included this small SOON JUNG Skin Care Trial Kit with 4 samples:
Relief Toner
Moist Emulsion
Barrier Intensive Cream
Cica Balm 

The right order of use is:  Relief Toner > Moist Emulsion > Intensive Cream > Cica Balm

The whole skincare range contains skin-calming ingredients such as Panthenol and Madecassoside which heals damaged and irritated skin. The formular is hypoallergenic with a slightly acidic pH and a cooling effect which will calm and soothe heated and damaged skin caused my pollution and fine dust. The slightly acidic pH is pretty good to avoid irritating your skin which has a pH of 5~5.5.

Here's what each product looks like:

My experience: I've been a little hesitant to try all these products at first but I noticed how much softer and moisturised my skin became! My skin was super dry and flaky from winter but this set gave my skin a little boost. I'm actually not a skincare freak and I usually only follow a 3 step skincare routine and occasionally sheet mask, that's it.
The Relief Toner feels exactly like water, I honestly feel like it didn't do much except for making my face wet. The Moist Emulsion feels very lightweight and made my skin feel fresh and slightly moisturised with no stickiness. The Barrier Intensive Cream feels very rich and heavy in texture but is indeed an "Intensive Cream". I feel like this cream moisturises a lot but feels a little sticky right after putting it on. I don't mind though because the stickiness will disappear after some time. The Cica Balm feels more lightweight than the cream and kind of like a gel. It didn't give my skin as much moisture as the cream though. After applying all 4 products my skin looks calm and moisturised but not greasy!

Overall, I think this set is very nice for beginners and I enjoyed using it to pamper my skin haha. I liked the Moist Emulsion the best but wouldn't recommend the Relief Toner because I didn't feel a difference right after using it. The best thing about the Soon Jung Skincare set is that it didn't break me out! Most creams give me breakouts so easily so I guess this collection is pretty good for sensitive skin!

So this was it for this Pink Bird Box, I hope you enjoyed reading my post! ♥
See you in my next post ♥

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  Etude House February Pink Bird Box ♥ (photo-heavy)
Hello everyone!!
One month has passed again and I'm back with another Pink Bird Box review from Etude House. This month's box is filled with products from their Wonder Fun Park Spring Collection which was released a while back. This collection focusses on the cheerful atmosphere at a fun park which you can achieve with these products. They all seem to follow a mint/purple theme.
You can already find all products from this collection for 20% off on their website etudehouse.com!

This review/unboxing is going to be super long because I will review each item seperately and add some swatches as well~~ Keep reading if you're interested!

This month they sent me 5 products from their Wonder Fun Park collection.

Etude House Pink Bird Box February
- Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter
- Wonder Fun Park Highlighter Brush
- Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint in #PK001 & #BL601
- Wonder Fun Park Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara in #Swing Mint

First off, I want to say something about their customer service and reply time. They sent this packet with EMS speed shipping but mine took way longer than a week to arrive so I emailed them about that and they gave me the tracking number. I checked it and the updates said that my address was written incorrectly by Etude House (moreover my name smh). I emailed Etude House about it but didn't get a reply - which is funny because they told me to email them if I have any problems receiving the packet (but then they would never get back to me). I emailed them again after a week but still - no reply. After almost two weeks of waiting for their reply I came to the conclusion that they will never reply to me so I took the initiative and called the post office to ask if there's a way for me to get the packet. Fortunately, the lady was very kind and said she'll send a courier who'll deliver the packet to me the next day. I was very relieved about that and received the Pink Bird Box now (obviously) but I'm absolutely not happy with Etude House. If I was a customer and such thing happened with things I paid for, I would be very upset about this. Even if they can't do anything about it or wanted me to take care of it myself, it would have been nice to at least get a reply to my emails and let me know about it in a timely manner. I'm not the only one experiencing such things too.

TL;DR: I had problems receiving my packet because they wrote my address(name) incorrectly. I tried to reach out to them but Etude House didn't reply to my emails for two weeks. I got the packet by myself but I'm still very upset about this.

And now that I have finally received my Pink Bird Box the little pouch with the liptints in it was ripped. The liptints just slipped around the box. I'm happy they didn't break though.

The small sheets with information about the products were just thrown into the box too. Last time they put them into a cute Etude House folder. I hope the next Pink Bird Box won't be like this one. I feel like Etude House did such a sloppy job for this month's box... I feel truly neglected and unimportant :(

Let's get into the real review now

The liptints from their Wonder Fun Park collection are very interesting imo because some of them are color changing! They sent me two of the Dear Darling Soda Tints. I got the shades #PK001 and #BL601. Both of them are cool tone.


One thing I noticed when opening the Pink Bird Box is that the formula of the Dear Darling Soda Tints seems to have seperated/cracked. It's no big deal because you can give it a good shake and everything is OK but here's what I'm talking about:

Here are some photos of the liptint applicator. There's a small indention in the middle. The applicators pick up a generous amount of product and it's easy to follow your lip shape with it.

Here are some swatches of both Soda Tints (#PK001 & #BL601)

PK001 톡톡자몽소다: Is a cool toned grapefruit colored liptint. It's more on the red side and brightens up your skintone immediately. It's a really nice color for point makeup. You can do a gradient or full lip look with this tint.

BL601 짜릿밀키소다: This tint is color changing! It looks blue in the bottle but once applied onto your lips it turns into a light pink/purplish color. There are tiny pink microglitters in it which sparkle so beautifully! It's very, very hard to capture the sparkles but this tint reminds me a little bit of the Givenchy lip gloss. This one is definitely better for a full lip look because the color is very light and sheer. I tried to capture the pink microglitters below:

The blue liptint (BL601) doesn't really stain your lips but the red one (PK001) stains your lips a lot after wearing it for a couple of hours on your lips. I only let those tints sit on my arm for about 10 minutes so the stain is not really that intense ;-; but my lips were super pink at the end of the day when I used the PK001 one!

Lip swatches

These tints have a typical lipgloss texture and the consistency is a little thick. It's very hard to get an even layer because of the consistency. They do settle/ highlight dry lips which makes it even harder to make the color look even. I also really dislike the scent of them, it makes me feel sick. They smell like berries according to my mom but I think it smells like a stuffy car that hasn't been ventilated for a couple of weeks.

I personally like the (PK001) grapefruit color because it brightens up my complexion so much! I think the blue one (BL601) with the pink microglitters is very unique and would look really nice on top of a lipstick to give your lips some extra pop.

Next is the Candy Highlighter & Brush

 Here are some photos of the packaging

I just wanted to say that the packaging of this highlighter is so adorable *-*

Rainbow highlighters were such a big trend a few months ago. You could see them all over instagram and on youtube haha. Etude House finally decided to make one too but they called it Candy Highlighter. It has blue, red, purple, green and yellow parts and becomes white if you mix all of them together.

They also sent me the Highlighter Brush from the same collection which looks very similar to the unicorn brushes but without the fancy handle haha. There was a small protection ring for the bristles.

The brush is super fluffy but it's useless for using it as highlighter brush because the bristles are way too soft and not dense enough. I tried to use it with this highlighter and all it did was swirl some highlighter in the air and create a huge mess. I think this one could be used as powder brush but you're better off using your fingers for this highlighter. That's why I don't recommend this highlighter brush.

Swatches of the Candy Highlighter

The highlighter color swatches look very powdery and not glowy at all on the swatches but in real life they have a very subtle glow which looks very, very natural. I really like using this highlighter for my nose and cupids bow, I think it's perfect for that purpose because it just looks so natural! However, I don't recommend using it for your cheekbones or forehead because you won't see a difference on these spots.

Here's a photo where I mixed all of them together. These photos don't do this highlighter justice because it just looks like white powder on the photos haha but there's a very subtle glow in real life... it's kinda like 25% strength of usual highlighters.

I have to say that I probably like the highlighter out of all products the most because it's so so nice for my nose haha.

Wonder Fun Park Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara

Coloured mascaras seem to be a trend this spring. This mascara is available in two shades: Pang Pang Purple and Swing Mint. I got Swing Mint. It goes pretty well with their Wonder Fun Park concept.
The packaging is candy coloured and follows their purple/ mint theme ;-; I'm a little sad that I got the shade #Swing Mint beause I would have prefered the purple one. You can find expiration date on the packaging.

The back with the product description

This mascara is suppose to curl and fix your lashes and is also smudgeproof. The mascara wand is C-shaped and adjusts to your lashes pretty well.

The color is so unique and very eye-catching. I never really tried any kind of colored mascaras so I can't compare but the formula is very thick and clumps easily. It's very hard to make your lashes mint without clumping up your lashes to the max. It seems like I'm having a thick layer of acrylic paint on my lashes or some kind of glue. I'm honestly not to keen on it.

I didn't have any problems removing this mascara unlike other Pink Bird members. I used an oil based makeup remover to remove it though.

Swatches on my eyes

This eye makeup look is suppose to be dragon fruit inspired haha. I noticed how hard it is to make a makeup look with mint mascara ;-; I hope this one doesn't look too random. I feel like coloured mascaras look better if you only apply a little on your outer lashes since this will make them "pop" a little when you blink but I applied them on my full upper lashes for review purpose (I know I barely have any lashes).

The Wonder Fun Park Collection has some very cute packagings and I love how cute and detailed they are. I feel like the product quality of this collection is not that good though. I'm also a little disappointed of the Pink Bird Box for this month. I wish they had included an eyeshadow palette and this box felt like it has been put together in a rush. I hope the next box will be better! ^-^


Selfie time haha you can't really see that I'm wearing green mascara on those photos (unless you zoom in). I'm wearing the Soda Tint in PK001 and I also used the Candy Highlighter. My base makeup is the Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist in beige from the last Pink Bird Box~

So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this looong post. If you missed the post for the January Pink Bird Box, please click here. I hope you will have a lovely day! ♥

Thanks for reading my review!
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