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  Sensual 3 Tones Gray Review ♥
Hello everyone! 
It's been such a long time since I've posted a circle lens review! I dropped all my circle lens sponsorships almost a year ago because the amount of work I put into writing them got too much for me and I felt like the amount of circle lens reviews on my blog got a bit overwhelming. After taking a break, I decided that I would love to get back to it (as long as those reviews don't dominate my blog content) so here I am back with a circle lens review! haha

Today I will review the Sensual 3 Tones Gray lenses from loveshoppingholics.com! They were kind enough to send me a pair of circle lenses for review purpose, thank you so much! Your effort is greatly appreciated! ♥

"These lenses were sent to me by LoveShoppingholics for absolutely free in exchange for a honest review. Nevertheless, my opinion will be 100% my own."

LoveShoppingHolics is an online shop that mainly focuses on circle lenses. They were set up in 2008 and are based in Malaysia. They also sell other beauty products such as false lashes from Japan and makeup products from South Korea and Japan. Please check them out at loveshoppingholics.com if you're interested, they sometimes have some nice sales!

/*Click on read more if you're interested ♥ */
//any fellow programmers here who will get this lame pun? haha^^;;

The lenses arrived after 8 days which is a little faster than most circle lens shops. They also gave me a tracking number I could use to track the parcel. I honestly have to say that their reply time is quite slow sometimes. They sometimes needed a week to reply to me and sometimes only a couple of hours so it varies a lot but they were super friendly to me and always very polite and understanding. We had some misunderstandings but they could be solved quickly.

Here's how they packaged the lenses for me:

It's super adorable! They put the lens vials in this small blue bag and wrote a small card for me, that's just so sweet and thoughtful! I'm so impressed with their service. I never saw a company putting in so much effort into the packaging, it's just very sweet to open up the package ♥ I'm not sure if customers get the same card though.

You will also receive a free contact lens case for every pair of circle lenses you order. That's super convenient, you don't need to buy one and can save a few bucks! I always have trouble finding contact lens cases that don't cost more than 4€ in Germany.

The lens vials were safely wrapped in this soft styrofoam wrap. Everything arrived safely with no problems.

I really wanted to show you everything they sent me again because it's just so cute and thoughtful! Love the sweet card and the cute animal lens case ♥

This is what the lens vials from the Sensual 3 Tones Gray lenses looked like: 
My prescription is plano haha

Content: One soft contact lens immersed in buffered saline solution. 
DIA: 14.5mm / BC: 8.6mm / EXP: 2021/01 / Made in Korea

You can see the Sensual 3 Tones Gray lenses in the lens vial. I honestly thought they would be very sheer because they looked very light and not that opaque in the vials.

Please be careful when opening the vials, the metal at the side is very sharp and it's easy to damage your nails and cut yourself with them. Also, don't forget to let your lenses sit in multipurpose lens solution for at least 8 hours before wearing them! It's very, very important because saline solution might sting your eyes and can damage them!!! I also like to get the lenses out of the vial by using Q-tips to fish them out.

Here's what the Sensual 3 Tones Gray lenses look like in the lens case:

A little tip to help find out if your circle lenses are flipped to the correct side is to look at the color of the lens. The side that looks bolder is usually printed on the front (the side that will be outwards). There's also the bowl trick: If the edge of your lens points outwards, you need to flip your lens.

I honestly think looking at the color is easier than the bowl trick. If your lens is flipped to the wrong side, you will notice how the lens doesn't sit right on your eyes and shifts around your eyes the whole time. They will also feel more uncomfortable than usual.

Here's what the lens looks like on my finger:
You can see how opaque/ transparent the lens is

The lens doesn't seem to be as sheer as I thought. It's also very easy to put in your eyes and isn't flimsy at all (like some lenses). It's also smaller than I have expected! I honestly think that these lenses look more like 14.2mm lenses but more to that later. 

We're coming to the interesting part now...

 Sensual 3 Tones Gray ~worn


Here are some photos I took in front of my window:

And here are some photos with flash:
(The flash of my camera is very strong!)

My experience:

The lenses turn out quite light and also have a slight blue hint which you can see very well in flash lighting! They're more on the gray than blue side in natural lighting though. I think that the color of these lenses is stunning and these are honestly the best gray/blue lenses I have ever tried! I love, love, love them! ♥ Eventhough they are light (and everyone knows that asians don't have gray eyes naturally), they look super natural and I love how the enlargement is not too big and doesn't make me look like an alien. They feel more like 14.2mm lenses than 14.5mm ones which I'm super happy about (since my eyes are already on the bigger side). I don't have to wear a lot of makeup to make these lenses work because of that too which is super nice! *-*
Only downside is that these lenses aren't super comfortable, I wore them for about 3 hours before my eyes felt a little dry. It might be okay if you use eyedrops but I didn't use any eyedrops for the review period because I feel like some eyedrop brands work better than others.



 Personal Rating:
I recommend these lenses to 200% with my whole heart and they're only priced at $19.90 at the moment. If you're looking for circle lenses which will make your eyes lighter without having a super big dolly effect, these are perfect for that purpose, highly recommended! I seriously love these lenses so much! T_T

Here are some selfies of me wearing the Sensual 3 Tones Gray
I'm feeling myself too much with these lenses lol

If you didn't run away by know....

Thank you for reading my review! ♥
Please leave a comment below and follow me on my ig for exclusive reviews ♥

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Blogger Milkii said on June 30, 2017 at 8:17 AM  

Ah wow, these lenses are so vivid! :o I've never been able to find a pair of grey/blue lenses that look quite as bright on my eyes >< These look super cute on you! Though it's a shame they're not too comfortable ;^;

Blogger Mindy said on July 6, 2017 at 4:30 PM  

@Red Sakura: Thanks ♥ & Yes I haven't found a really good bright pair of lenses before this one as well so I'm even more happy about them haha~ I wish they were a little more comfortable as well T_T!

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