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  Personal: My trip to Hong Kong ♥ (photo-heavy)
Hello everyone!!
Todays post is going to be dedicated to my trip to Hong Kong this summer! We only stayed one week in Hong Kong and another week in Bangkok! I really, really wanted to blog about this because
this is the best thing that has happened to me this year (better than my graduation haha)

It's actually my second time in Hong Kong but I could honestly go there every summer (thats how much I love it!!!) ♥

I'm going to blog about my time in Bangkok in my next post because putting everything in one post would be way too much XD

I hope you'll enjoy my photos~

 Düsseldorf → Hong Kong

This is such a typical plane photo hahaha but the sunset looked really pretty..

 The food was really good!!! I love plane food so much .. I ate my mom's food too because she didn't want to eat it haha

Sham Shui Po - Dragon Center
 We went to the Dragon Center in Sham Shui Po and also to a really big shopping center for computer stuff but I didn't take pics of it >.<

This was my breakfast/lunch there! Japanese Curry with an omelette and small pork chops in it, it was really good and super cheap!! I definitely think Dragon Centre has a really nice food court too hehe

They had so many fun games there and even one of these claw machines with small alpacas in it ♥
If you like Kpop you HAVE to go here!!

One thing I really loved about HK is that they had really cute cakes everywhere!!

 Look at this perfection ...for only like 20$ a cake??? what haha

 I really loved how the strawberry ones looked like ;-; so cute !!

 We also went to a huge supermarket called 'Taste' in Festival Walk where they have a huge variety of groceries and also a lot of yummy baked goods >.< ♥

 I liked the one with a sausage the best omg

 ...and these sponge cakes looked sososo good !!! I could eat tons of them and never get enough

 They had so many cosmetic stores here in HK..it's crazy!

 I really liked how this Innisfree store looks *-*

 And of course Etude House ♥-♥


 Causeway Bay

 We also went to Causeway Bay just to see what it's like on the other side of Hong Kong and it's really different! The air is a lot cleaner and it's not that hot somehow? haha. I feel like you can find more high end brands there especially in shopping malls like 'Fashion Walk' or 'Sogo'.

 Spongebob exhibition :D

 We also took the chance to take one of those 'Ding Ding Trams' but it was super hot and crowded there so we got out after 2 or 3 stops!

 This is what streets in HK usually look like

 Prince Edward - One Dim Sum

 This Dim Sum place was like a secret gem! It's a Michelin starred restaurant !!!
But you had to wait 30min. outside (in the heat) to get a table!

 When we finally got in.. the food was so good omg. They let you sit and eat there peacefully too... I was expecting them to kick us out as soon as we finished eating but they didn't eventho it was super crowded and they had a super long line outide! I definitely recommend going there if you're not a big group because otherwise you'll have to wait there for an eternity haha

 Hong Kong Park
 We also went to this park because it's something totally different compared to the busy and loud streets in HK.
 You can see some really modern buildings from here

 and also a nice garden and many sees and waterfalls!

 This is just a photo I took on our way home! I'm super impressed by how clean the subway in HK is! It's MUCH cleaner than in Germany and I love that there's a train every 3 to 5 min.?

Tsim Sha Tsui
Of course, we also went shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. 
We went to Food Republic in Silvercord and got some nice food first >.< !

 I loved those Takoyakis..the sauce was sososo good !! 
We bought a Takoyaki pan after trying them haha

 I also took the chance to go to Muji and buy some sweets there ♥
They had SO MUCH food omg ... we don't have food in our Muji T_T
 why is Muji so nice there? ;___;


We went to the Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui at night because it's awesome to see the lights on the other side! My dad was so excited because he really wanted to go here at night and take some pics, I feel so bad tho because we didn't even stay here that long because it started to rain and this place was kind of like his only wish :-(

 Well , maybe we can come here next time again and stay longer :-(

 Citygate Outlet HK 

 We also went to an outlet mall on our last day because it was on our way to the airport but honestly it's not worth it if you're from the US or Europe because all those high end brands are still cheaper there than when they're on 50% off sale in HK~

 Last time in Sasa..what an emotional event :'-( I miss Sasa so much omg

 Mannings at the airport..I miss Mannings so much too T_T

 And also my last meal in Hong Kong..I'm tearing up because I miss everything so much

 ...... but I will definitely come back !!! ♥♥♥

See you next time, Hong Kong ! ♥

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Blogger KIM said on July 30, 2016 at 10:41 PM  


Blogger y u k u ♡ said on July 31, 2016 at 12:05 PM  

The photos look so cool... you just riled up my wanderlust a tad more D:
I really want to go to HK someday it all looks so interesting and fascinating...

Blogger Marrien said on August 5, 2016 at 7:28 AM  

Urghh!!! *envies you* kidding aside, everything looks lovely!!! <3


Blogger Mindy said on August 15, 2016 at 2:45 PM  

@KIM: OMG YES IT DOES!! I was so surprised and happy too *-* They sell lots of stuff with Matcha and many japanese snacks omg ♡

Blogger Mindy said on August 15, 2016 at 2:49 PM  

@y u k u ♡: You should go to HK one day!! Its a beautiful city and you can explore many things!! ♡

Blogger Mindy said on August 15, 2016 at 2:50 PM  

@Marrien T: Aw thank you!! I love HK haha you should definitely go there someday too *-* ♡

Blogger Unknown said on August 18, 2016 at 12:35 AM  

I feel like I shouldn't have read this post so late at night because now I'm drooling >_< I'm a little jealous of your plane food, like I haven't had that good of food in a plane in such a long time haha. Looks like an amazing trip, especially since I've never been to Hong Kong. I'd be sad too if I left the Sasa store :x


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