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  I dyed my hair! Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Rose Tea Brown ♥
Hello everyone!
I'm so excited to blog about this because I honestly always wanted to dye my hair rose brown and could finally do that! *-*

I used the bubble hair dye from Liese which I bought last year when I was in Hong Kong for about 8$? I'm actually a huge fan of the whole Liese Creamy Bubble Color line because they're so easy to use and are great for lightening up asian hair. I prefer asian hair dyes much over western ones to be honest!

You can already see how your hair is going to look if you have dark, light or very light hair. Mine is probably dark to medium. I will post the before/after shots at the end~~

/* if you're interested click on

Here's the caution section where you can read some instructions for safety before using this bubble hair dye. Please make sure to read all of them and patch test before usage to find out if you're allergic to this hair dye or not. Don't joke around with hair dyes!!!

 Here are the instructions on how to use the actual bubble hair dye to dye your hair the correct way:
You can also find everything in englisch & chinese!

 Here's everything in the box:

The hair dye box contains:
♥ Introduction in English and Chinese
♥ gloves & patch test
♥ Solution 1
♥ Solution 2
♥ Rinse-Off Treatment

I'm always happy about the gloves because western hair dyes only have these super cheap, plastic 
bag-like gloves. I also like how the hair dye instruction is in different languages! 

You have to pour soluton 1 into solution 2:

DO NOT SHAKE IT! All you have to do it turn the bottle upside down a few times because otherwise bubbles will already start to form in the bottle. Replace the white cap with the pink foam suspender and you're done!

Application was super easy and just like shampooing your hair, you don't have to worry about the dye dripping down on your face. It's like foam straight out of the bottle. I'm a huge fan of these bubble hair dyes, they make my life so much easier and make the color more even!

I started applying the foam on my roots first and then worked my way down to the ends. There was more than enough foam for my whole hair (My hair is at my upper belly!) so one box will be enough for your hair, trust me haha.

Here's my hair with lots of foam haha:
 I threw the last few drops away (1cm from bottom)

I let the bubble hair dye sit on my hair for about ~35 min. because my hair was quite dark and I wanted to lighten them up as much as possible. 20~30 min. are recommended in the instruction, 5-10 min. longer if you have thick or very dark hair. 

Don't let it sit on your hair for too long though because the dye will lose its effect after some time and will only damage your hair.

 I have dyed my hair with another Liese bubble hair dye a year ago. My roots are black and get gradually lighter to the ends.

 Sorry I had to cover the messy background haha

 Here are some after shots:

They look kind of like a dark strawberry brown in normal lighting and very pinkish brown in the sunlight. My roots are lighter than my ends because of the heat of my head :( but I'm overall still super happy about the color and how much it could actually change the color of my dark hair! ♥ 

I will definitely repurchase the Liese Creamy Bubble hair dye but want to try other colors! I think this hair dye is great for people who are very bad at applying hair dyes but still want to dye their hair lighter by themselves at home haha.~~

If you don't have a watson in your country, you can also get it on ebay here ~!

 Thanks for reading my review ♥
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Blogger Jenny Vi said on July 8, 2017 at 5:47 PM  

You look great with your new hair color! :) Did your hair feel drier after using this bubble dye? After seeing you, I reallyyyy want to dye my hair again damn it lol
Great review!!


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