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  Etude House July Pink Bird Box ♥ (Ice Cream Water Gel Tint, Lip Top Coat, Fix & Fix Powder)
Hello everyone!
I'm back with the last Pink Bird Box from Etude House. This is actually a "delayed" June Pink Bird Box because the June Box was strangely "delayed" last minute without them notifying us in advance (which I found pretty suspicious, I guess they forgot about us). I will explain in the last paragraph of this post why I have decided to avoid buying from Etude House from now on.

This month's box is filled with many of their new product ranging from the new Ice Cream Water Gel Tint to the Lip Top Coat and the Fix & Fix Powder. I was honestly happy when I saw the water gel tints because I saw them all over ig and thought they're super cute! I will introduce each product seperately down below, so keep reading ♥

July Pink Bird Box contents:
♡ Dear Darling Water Gel Tint in Shark Red, Watermelon Red, Apricot Red (here)
♡ Color Fix Lip Top Coat (here)
♡ Fix & Fix Powder (here)

So this was everything we received in the July Pink Bird Box. I actually didn't know that they just released a lip top coat for your lips and also didn't know about the powder but I'm glad to be able to test them out for you guys.

Click on read more if you're interested! ♥

Here's the ad photo for the new Water Gel Tints from Etude House. The packaging is very cute and has the shape of an ice cream popsicle. They send me shade RD306 Shark Red, RD307 Watermelon Red and OR205 Apricot Red.

 Here are some photos of the Water Gel Tints:

"The moisture tint expresses sweet color like ice cream as it refreshingly melts into the lips"

The packaging is very, very small and only contains 4.5g of product. This makes the water gel tint very easy to carry around and great for traveling!

I was very confused on how to open this tint at first because I didn't know if you need to twist the blue part as well haha so here's a photo showing how it's suppose to be opened:

The applicator is a waterdrop applicator with a small dent in the middle to pick up some product. I find that it picks up a really good amount of tint, not too much but also not too less. I like the applicator quite a lot but it's not good for precise application. However, I also have to say that you won't need such precise application if you're going for a liptint.

Here are some swatches of the water gel tint:

Shark Red // Watermelon Red // Apricot Red

Shark Red (샤크레드): A blood/cherry pinkish dark red tone. This shade is the darkest in the whole water gel tint line and stains the most. You can make gradient and full lips with this tint or make your lips slightly more cherry pinkish by only using a small amount. I think this color could be used throughout the whole year.

Watermlon Red (수박레드): A very bright watermelon red. This shade seems to stain a tiny bit less than the shark red tint and is a red tone with a coral/orange tone to it imo. Since the color is more on the brighter side, I think it would be suitable for a bright summer look. It can also be applied very sheerly to make a natural brighter lip look.

Apricot Red (살구레드): A light orange tint. The pigmentation is very, very sheer compared to the other tints and turns my lips into a light pink tone.I think this tint is only suitable to people with unpigmented lips or someone who only wants a hint of color.

All of these tints have a watery texture. They feel lightweight once they have settled. They feel a little slippery at first but become a little sticky once the tint has absorbed/settled into your lips though. I noticed how they end up looking patchy on my dry lips and this tint tends to make your lips look like you did gradient lips eventhough you didn't, it seems more obvious with the darker shades. They don't last for a long time and disappear almost completely if you eat or drink (especially the apricot red one). It will leave back your lips looking like gradient lips with stained dry patches. The taste is bitter.

Here are some swatches on my lips:

I love the color of the apricot red one for a natural, daily look and love how it only gives you a hint of color. I also like the shark red one for doing a gradient lip look or when I need a red/pink hint on my lips. I would make three small dots on my lips and try to apply it evenly all over my lips. The watermelon red is nice for a light red lip look in summer.

I think the apricot tint wouldn't work well on very pigmented lips but if you have unpigmented lips and need a hint of color, the apricot red one would be perfect. I think the shark and watermelon red tint could work on pigmented lips but there are definitely better liptints out there for pigmented lips imo. These are only good for a natural look. The shark red and watermlon red tint would look more on the bright side on unpigmented lips (I have very unpigmented lips, look at my swatches for referrence).

I would rate them as 3.5/5 for unpigmented lips because the staying power is bad and it can look patchy on very dry lips, but I love the colors and natural look it can give you. And also love how lightweight, easy to apply and carry friendly they are!

and a 2/5 for pigmented lips since most colors won't work except shark and watermelon red. Those two colors would be pretty for a natural look though!

Here's the ad photo for the Lip Top Coat from Etude House. In short, it's suppose to make your liptint stay longer and less likely to transfer which is a great idea in general.

Here are some photos of the packaging:

"The lip top coat prevents smudge and bleeding of lip color as it lightly sets on the lips without any sticky feel."

First off, this product almost contained no product. I had to fold it like those empty toothpaste packagings to get this small blob. If I bought this with my own money, I would have been seriously pissed off since this isn't affordable (14.40$ on their website) as well.

Here's what I'm talking about (serious):
It looks like a silicon primer

I applied this Lip Top Coat on half of each liptint swatch to have a before/after comparison. You have to wait until your liptint is fully dried and to apply the lip coat, and then wait another couple of minutes until the lip coat is completely dried, such a time consuming task tbh. It seems like the finish of the tints has changed, it's less glossy and kind of velvet?  

I wanted to test if the lip coat does hold what it promises and blotted the liptints with a tissue to see if it will transfer less...

It really did seem to transfer less with this lipcoat! I'm impressed with this point but when you wash it off with water and some rubbing, there's actually no difference and it looks the exact same (at least on my arm). I think this tint is good to prevent your liptint from transferring onto cups or other areas ;) haha. I haven't tried any other lip coats to compare but I think this invention is pretty cool but not sure if it's worth 14.40$ since you only get the smallest amount ever and the lipcoat seems to have been filled with air and it feels like only 1/10 of the tube is filled. I also doubt that everyone has enough time to wait until your liptint AND lip top coat is dried, it's just too time consuming for me and I don't see myself using this everyday. It might be good for a date though when you really, really don't want to transfer your liptint on your cup.

So my personal rating for this Lip Top Coat is 2/5 since it holds what it promises but just isn't very suitable for everyday wear.

This is the ad photo for the Fix & Fix Fixer Powder from Etude House.

Here are photos of the packaging:

The tube is much, much bigger than the Innisfree No Sebum Powder and contains 10g which is quite a lot! You can find expiration date after opening it on the back. The whole packaging is made out of plastic.

The puff is very big and thicker and theres a plastic cover with small holes to control the powder and prevents you from using too much at once. I prefer it over the innisfree powder puff and packaging tbh.

The powder is super fine like confectioner's sugar and seems to be finer than the innisfree no sebum powder, I'm very positively surprised with this powder.

Here's a swatch photo on my arm:
The powder looks so fine!!

The powder feels super nice and makes my skin feel very silky and smooth, I really like that. I noticed how this powder can give you a slight white cast if you use too much and can highlight dry patches (I had dry patches when applying this over my BB Cream). It lasts a pretty long time and prevents my oily areas (nose, forehead) from looking shiny for a very long time (usually 4 hours, with this powder 8 hours), I appreciate that a lot. I really would love to recommend this powder to my readers! I think it can even compete with the famous Innisfree No Sebum Powder, I prefer the silky feeling of the Fix & Fix Powder much over the one from Innisfree! 

My personal rating for the Fix & Fix Fixer Powder is therefore 4/5! I think this could be a great alternative if you're looking for a fixer powder and have combination-oily skin.

Now I would like to talk about my experience with Etude House

So first off, I want to talk about all the good things that I have experienced from them. I have to admit that I liked Etude House pretty much before applying for this Pink Bird Program through their facebook page. I've been using their Baking Powder Cleanser throughout my whole teen years (until I found out that the pH is way too high) and loved the cute makeup packaging they have, especially the cute strawberry hair curlers they have or the flamingo eyebrow razor, it was just so so adorable and cute to me! I enjoyed this brand so much and whenever I was in Asia, I would run into every Etude House store I saw and get overly excited and fangirl, so when I received the email with the confirmation that I will be an official Pink Bird for Etude House, I freaked out and couldn't believe how lucky I am, I told all my friends and family members until they even started to get annoyed at me haha.

Before they sent off the January Pink Bird Box they even sent me an email and asked me all kinds of questions, like what our skin concerns are, our foundation shade and when our birthday is. I got so excited and when the first box arrived, I was super happy and felt like they really care about me. They sent us base makeup in the shades we picked and even gave us eyeshadows that were matching to our zodiac sign. I was invited into a small instagram group where almost all Pink Birds have gathered and we freaked out together and fangirled about the products.

After a week I posted my review and send the link to etude. I promoted their products on all my SNS which was a lot of work. I didn't get any reply from their part, not even a thank you or a confirmation mail that they have received my email and reviews. I honestly already found that weird but didn't say anything to it because I really thought that maybe they have just forgotten about it.

The first problems occured when the February Pink Bird Box was sent off. I was already super excited because I was already guessing that they would send us Pink Bird members the new Wonder Fun Park collection which later on turned to be true. I didn't receive my box even after a week everyone else in our small ig group has received theirs, I was very worried and was wondering if they forgot about me so I emailed etude and asked for a tracking number. They replied pretty quick and gave it to me and said that if I have any problems receiving the box I should contact them again. I checked it and it said that my box couldn't be delivered because of an 'insufficient address' I was so worried that it was going to get sent back to etude and that they won't resend it to me so I emailed them with the problem and said that I can't receive this box because of an insufficient address according to the tracking number and if there's any way to receive it. I asked if they could settle everything or if they could resend it to me in case it gets send back to them. They didn't reply to me for a week and I just innocently assumed they haven't checked their emails or maybe it was in their spam folder and they didn't check it. So I just send them another email with a screenshot of the tracking number update and if they could please get back to me soon because the box will be send back in a couple days (parcels that have been stored for over two weeks will get sent back to the person who send the parcel). I still didn't receive any kind of reply from them and I started to get all paranoid so I called the post office myself and asked if there's a parcel for me with this tracking number and if there's any way to get the parcel. The lady on the phone asked me some information (like my name, address, city..) to find out if this parcel was for me. It turned out that they have written my name incorrectly which I honestly find very sad. It seemed like we aren't individuals for them and that they don't really know us but I didn't want to take this too personal. After confirming all of these things she sent a courier who will deliver it to me the next day... I was honestly so relieved and happy that I finally have this box and that it didn't get send back... and a few days later etude replied to my email and said they could resend it but need to receive the original box for that but haven't so far. I told them that I already got it myself. I was honestly so disappointed and angry that etude house hasn't replied to my emails for two weeks and they obviously don't seem to care about me at all. They wrote my name incorrectly, don't reply to my emails for two weeks and I couldn't even read the slightest undertone of sorry in their reply to me.

There were many other incidents throughout the whole program because of their products. My eyeshadow palette was broken and they told us to review the packaging which I don't really find helpful for consumers. I also got an allergic reaction to a cushion and they told me to try revewing it on my hands or just leaving it out if that also causes an allergic reaction as well. I don't blame them since they couldn't know that my skin is going to react like that.

I once emailed them and asked if it's okay if I post my review a couple days later since my schedule has been crazy busy and it was exam season, they replied to me saying that we must have had a misunderstanding and that they have already told me that the deadline would be on xx day so that would be okay (I have never received such email before). Shortly after that, I received another email from them saying that they have mistaken me with another Pink Bird member and thought I was the one who didn't send the last months' review in time. This pretty much confirms my theory that they don't even know/remember our names or know who we are.

They also decided to pick two Pink Bird and send them extra gifts. They also mentioned this in the email that got send to us all and said that they have decided to pick two Pink Birds that have made such "sweet reviews" and will receive extra goodies in their box. I was honestly super upset and found this extremely hurtful the way they have announced this in front of all of us. I wouldn't have said anything if they just send these "extra gifts" without rubbing it into our noses the way they did. This announcement felt even more bitter to me because they have never replied to my reviews or made any comment on it. I just felt like my reviews are pretty much worthless or meaningless to them.

The last blow was the June Pink Bird Box that was never send ha ha ha. None of us has received a June box so we all assumed that they have ended this program abruptly without and closure or thank you. A few of us send emails to etude asking them if there will be a last box, when it will be send or that their readers want to know what happened to the last box. Some of us wrote 3 emails to them but none of them received a reply from etude.

After two of us have decided to make public posts about it where they would explain and criticise etude for not sending the last box without notifying nor thanking us for taking part in this program, they suddenly send off an email with the following:

"Dear All Sweeties, Good day to you all! <3 i="">
I am writing to tell you that the July 2017 Pink Bird Box was sent a moment ago! This is the last box of this season's Pink Bird since it was on hold in June temporarily. I apologize for the delay.
Appreciated if you can upload reviews by 11th Aug. Please kindly be noted on this deadline of this month's review.
Thank you for being a member of Pink Bird and posting a wonderful reviews!
Then, let's get started to introduce our amazing new items! :)"

I honestly believe that they read the posts and decided to save themselves by sending us a box hoping it would make us happy. I don't believe the delayed part because 1) none of us received a reply to their emails asking where the last box is 2) if they decided to delay the June Box they could have told us in advance (that's what a professional company would do). If they really were planning to delay it, they could have at least replied to the emails apologizing and saying that they will delay it before the public posts were up. This whole delayed july box sounds like bullsh*t to me!

Throughout this whole program I have never received any kind of acknowledgement or sort of reply that they have even received my reviews or emails...I really don't feel like giving my money to such a company anymore.

In no way am I telling anyone to boycott Etude House as well or spread hate or what so ever in the internet, this is just my personal experience with this brand and an explanation why I'm truly disgusted by this brand I don't see myself buying anything from them in the near future. I feel like there are plenty of brands that could replace their products and perform even better.

If you would like to read the experience of other Pink Bird members you can find them here:
http://loveforkbeauty.com/boycott-the-brand-etude-house/#more-2145247972 and

I'm not the only one having a bad experiences with them, almost all of us had some sort of problem with them.

Thank you for reading my review. I'm truly happy if you made it down all the way here and actually read everything, I truly appreciate it!
I hope you will have a lovely day!

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