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  Jayjun Baby Pure Shining 3-Step Mask Review (+ Personal) ♥
Hello everyone! 
I've been wondering if anyone still reads my blog or cares. I remember when I started blogging in 2013 the beauty blogger community here was so huge and it was so much fun reading other blogs and reviews and also writing some myself. I feel like it has all died down, I rarely see anyone blogging anymore, except if it's a sponsored blog post. My feed is basically empty and I do feel a little sad and bitter about this :( I was thinking about abandoning this blog so many times and thought that I should just keep posting small review on my ig account because it feels so lonely. But I decided that I should continue with my blog because it's still something I really enjoy doing even if no one is here reading anymore. I love reviewing kbeauty cosmetics and just sharing my beauty knowledge a lot, I hope that it could help people who randomly stumble across my blog! This is basically all I wanted to write here. Back to the review:

I recently got a sheet mask set from Jayjun with five of their most popular sheet masks. I finally got around to try one of them, the Baby Pure Shining one! I have to admit that I really wanted to try this sheet mask because of the pink/blue packaging, it reminded me so much of the Pantone colors of the year from 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity! I love this color combination so much omg.

The packaging is so pretty omg. It looks a like a little cloud. This sheet mask contains three sachets. You're suppose to use them from Step 1 to Step 3. Step 1 is the essence, step 2 is the sheet mask and step 3 is the hydro eye cream.

Here's the back of the Baby Pure Shining Mask:

  You can read a small explanation of each step and also the ingredient list on the back.

 You can also place a magnet behind the Jayjun logo to check if the sheet mask you have is fake or genuine. If it's genuine the colors will change to a stripe pattern. I thought it's fun to check haha.

Here's a photo of the essence:

 The essence had a very subtle eucalyptus scent and had a gel-like texture, I was quite surprised about it. I could feel a very slight cooling effect. The essence could absorb quite fast but felt a little sticky before it has absorbed completely. I think the amount of essence in this sachet will last you for 2-3 uses. I used a lot so it only lasted me for 2 skincare routines.

I really like this essence and wish they would also sell this essence seperately.

Let's get to STEP 2, the sheet mask:

 The sheet mask had one of these typical lotion/cream scents (like the ones you smell in nivea or dove). The cotton of this mask was so soft and it looked like it was drenched in a more cream-like essence than usual transparent, watery essence. There was no small plastic seperator to make unfolding the sheet mask easier. The fit was way to big for my face around the chin and cheek area.

When I put it on my skin I forgot that I scratched my skin a lot the night before and had some skin cracks. It burned/ itched a little but disappeared after a few minutes. I could wear it longer than 40 min. After taking it off I noticed some slight brightening effect. My skin was super sticky and looked super glossy/shiny but this mask didn't feel heavy. The stickiness and glossiness went away after 1-2 hours. I really don't suggest using this mask before a date or if you have oily skin and it's very hot. It does what it says though "baby pure shining" hahah.

Here's what I'm talking about:

I don't know if this is considered to be glossy or shiny but this was basically my skin after using this mask. You can see it very well on my cheeks, I know my skin is so uneven :((

The next STEP 3 was the eye cream:

The Hydro Eye Cream had a slight cucumber scent. The texture was similar to lotion/cream. While using this eye cream my undereye area felt very fresh and I also noticed a slight cooling effect. I gave the rest of the sachet to my mom because she was running out of eye cream. I think the eye cream sachet will last you for 4 to 5 uses, there was SO much product!

My Personal Rating:
I really enjoyed using this mask as "spa day at home" sheet mask because the hydration was so intense! I'm not sure if oily skinned people would appreciate this mask because of the stickiness. I feel like this mask should definitely not be used if you're in a rush because of the stickiness that remains for 1-2 hours. but I really liked it (I have dry-combination skin atm) and would like to recommend it to people with dry skin. I will definitely repurchase and keep this for the super cold and dry winter months.

Thank you for reading my review! ♥
I hope I could help someone out, have a great day!

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What a pretty packaging! °₊·ˈ

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