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  Antcosmall PR Haul ♥ (+ Introduction)
Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce a new online shop I have recently collaborated with. I received this very thoughtful and generous packet from antcosmall.com yesterday. I chatted with them for some time on Instagram (@antcosmall) and have to say that they're super kind and sweet!I really enjoyed this collaboration! First off, I would like to introduce Antcos~

Antcosmall.com is an online shop that sells korean skincare & makeup. They ship directly from South Korea and offer FREE international shipping (they also have a tracking option for 2.50$ or EMS). They offer free EMS shipping on all orders above USD$150.

I really do recommend checking them out because some of their products are cheaper than on other korean cosmetic websites such as jolse and bbcosmetic +free shipping worldwide (I hate paying a lot for shipping ><). They also have this event going on where you will get 10% off on your order if you sign up which would make everything even cheaper.

They currently have a huge mask pack sale going on right where 10 sheet masks only cost USD$10! That's super cheap (considering that they're selling big brands such as MediHeal, Leaders, Adaline,...). The same sheet masks costs more than double as much as on other korean cosmetic online shops, so 

I highly, highly recommend antcosmall.com for sheet mask hauling!

 Here's what I'm talking about:

Please check them out, I think they have some great deals! They also used to carry Papa's recipe but they recently removed them from their website which is such a pity

They were super generous and send me so many products to review:

The packet was sent by korean airmail and took about 2 weeks to arrive which is average for me. One thing I have to notice though is that they didn't mark my packet with a lower value so you should be careful in case your country has high custom taxes!

Product they send me:
♡ VT Collagen Pact (23.50$) link
♡ Banila Co. CC Cream (15.30$) link
♡ HERA UV Mist Cushion (33.44$) link
♡ 3x Adaline Mask link
♡ Jelly/ Gummibears

They were so cute and also send me some gummibears ;-; That's so so sweet, I love them so much!!

I never tried anything from Adaline before so I'm curious to try them! The huge phrase on the front of the sheet mask immeditately caught my eyes "Keep Cool and ..." haha. I also love the pastel colors of the packaging, it's just so cute and fit my ig feed perfectly haha.

They were also super generous and sent me 3 base makeup products!! They knew that I really wanted the Hera UV Mist Cushion and sent it to me. They told me that my shade is out of stock but they will get the shade I wanted (that's the cutest thing ever, ok?). They also send me the super popular Banila Co. CC Cream *screams* I really wanted to try that one after using up all my cushions ;-; It feels like they were stalking me haha xD 

To be honest with you guys, I didn't know the brand VT so the VT Collagen Pact was kind of random but it goes really well with my skintype in winter. I read that this pact is very moisturizing and will make your skin glow which is perfect for me because I have dry and flaky skin in winter (yay!)
 Reviews on all products they sent me will be up soon!!

And here are the gummibears:

THEY ARE SO SWEET OK I love them so much ♥ T_T
Please, please, please check out their online shop at antcosmall.com and follow them on Instagram @antcosmall ! They deserve so much and their prices are awesome!
I hope you will have a fantastic day! ♥

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