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  Review: Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask ♥
Hello everyone!
I'm back with another review. I will review the JayJun Rose Blossom Mask. If you have been following my blog you will know that I bought a set with 5 Jayjun masks to test out and repurchase a whole box if I end up loving them haha.

I really wanted to try this mask because many blogger really seem to liked this mask. I got this from bbcosmetic.com for about ~12$USD. If you search around on the internet, you can find a few 8% off coupon codes as well. If you're looking for a website to get Jayjun sheet mask for a good price, please check out antcosmall.com they're 11~15$ for 10 Jayjun sheet mask! (link)

Let's move onto the review, the packaging of this sheet mask is seriously so cute! I love that it's completely in pink and the Jayjun logo is honestly so aesthetically pleasing haha.

 "Brighten your skin with Rose Water, Nourishing and Hydrating"

Here's a photo of the back:
You can find the ingredients, a user guide and caution on it

You have to place this mask on your face for 10~20 minutes. I honestly like to let it sit on my face longer because I feel like I'm wasting essence if I just take off the sheet mask while it's still drenching wet.

You can also check if your JayJun sheet mask is real by placing a magnet behind this small JJ logo on the front of the sheet mask packaging, like this:

If the logo changes to stripe pattern, the mask is real, else it's a fake. My Rose Blossom sheet mask was fortunately real, yay!

The Jayjun Rose Blossom sheet mask was drenched in essence. The cotton sheet had a brownish color. There was no plastic seperator which made it a little hard to unfold the mask, I had to be very careful to not tear the cotton mask.

This is the shape of the Rose Blossom Mask:
There were two cuts in the jaw area

The cotton material felt very soft and thick. No stiffness and the sheet mask sticked to my face well. The fit was good but too big around my chin area.

 There was a really strong but (for me) pleasant rose scent. It helped me relax but it might be terrible for people who dislike rose scent or strong scents! There was a slight cooling effect and the sheet mask felt very soft and comfortable. It started to dry a little on my forehead and nose area after 30min. I usually wear sheet masks until they start to dry because I feel like taking them off after 10min is a waste when they're still drenching wet ^^;;; I kept this sheet mask on my face for 1 hour. My face felt a little sticky for maybe half an hour? after removing it. There was a small brightening effect but nothing dramatic and my face felt hydrated

Overall, I really really like this mask because of the rose scent and will definitely repurchase. If you're expecting an outstanding hydration and hate rose scent, I wouldn't recommend this mask to you because it hydrates just like a regular sheet mask but I'm so in love with the rose scent!

I will rate this mask as 4/5

Thank you for reading my review!
I hope you will have a great day! ♥

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