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  Review: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA ♥
Hello everyone!!
It feels like I have been writing reviews non-stop haha but it feels so nice to finally be able to post something on my beauty blog. I received this moisturizer (and also the Azelaic Acid Suspension) one month ago from my cousin and have been liking this moisturizer a lot! ;-; ♥

I heard so many good things about The Ordinary before and really wanted to try some of their skincare items. They're very well known for producing affordable & effective cosmetics. I'm also eyeing the Rose Hip Oil, Niacinamide serum, Buffet and Serum Foundation because I heard they're great as well!! If you have tried any of them or have any other recommendations, feel free to drop down a comment below!

Let's move onto the review, here's what the moisturizer looks like:

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is packaged in a very, very small tube. I was honestly so shocked how small it is, it looks much bigger online imo haha. The opening of this cream is very hard to keep clean but the packaging of this cream is overall very hygienic.

You have to squeeze to get out the moisturizer. Here's a photo of it:

First off, I would like to introduce the NMF + HA moistuizer. It's alcohol-free, oil-free, silicone-free, nut-free, vegan and cruelty-free. You can argue about the cruelty-free argument though because they work with Estee Lauder which is a brand that isn't cruelty-free at all and therefore they are kind of doing indirect cruelty (not going to get more into it). The pH of this cream is 6.50~7.00 which is slightly higher than the natural pH of your skin. You can see a complete ingredient analysis of this cream here.

Here's a photo of the cream:

The texture of the cream isn't super smooth like most creams but kind of reminds me of porridge? It seems like there are small white pieces in it that haven't dissolved yet. The pieces do dissolve once you spread it on your skin though. It first has this white cast you also experience when using sunscreen. This white cast will also disappear once you rub it in some more.

My skin feels very, very moisturized after applying it on my skin and wasn't irritated/red. The cream feels very lightweight and not sticky at all. I didn't notice any brightening effect or pore minimizing effect. My skin looked very soft afterwards.

After testing it out for one month, I have to say that this cream didn't seem to do anything to my skin except moisturizing and hydrating it. I honestly wasn't expecting any changes too because this cream didn't claim to have any brightening or clearing benefits. It only claims to hydrate your skin well which it does! I think the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Cream is a very nice basic moisturizer, really nice if you just need a moisturizer with good hydration and no actives.

I probably won't repurchase because I would like to try other moisturizers that are hydrating + have any kind of skin benefit. I think that I would happily use up the rest though ♥ If you have any questions, feel free to message me on any of my SNS and ask! ♥

Thank you for reading me review! ♥
I hope you will have a fantastic day!

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