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  Circle Lens Review: Amaze Gray & Brown ♥ [loveshoppingholics.com]
Hello lovelies ! 
I recently got the Amaze Grey and Amaze Brown lenses sent for review purpose by loveshoppingholics.com. They were also kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for my followers. The winner will receive a pair of circle lenses for free from loveshoppingholics.com. You can check out my instagram (@shyalpaca) for more information about it.

*Disclaimer: This review is sponsored. I received these lenses for absolutely free in exchange for a honest review. My opinion is 100% my own *

It took about two weeks to arrive from Malaysia Germany and everything arrived safely with no problems at the customs. They have the cutest packaging ever and it looks like they took a lot of effort to pack it, I really like it! They wrote a small card for me and put the lenses in a small blue bag but I forgot to take a photo of it :<

Products they sent me:
Duck Contact Lens Travel Set link
Amaze Grey link
Amaze Brown link
2x Animal Lens Case (you will get one for free for each lens pair)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this cute duck case set? ;-;
It's so cute and convenient for traveling ♥

There's a small tweezer, a bottle for your multipurpose solution and one of these plugs to help remove your lens from your eyes haha. And of course a really small duck themed contact lens case.

 I also like to write the name of the circle lenses and also the date on which I opened them to keep track of all of my lenses.

 Don't forget to let your lenses soak for at least 8 hours before starting to use them for the first time!!! 

 Here's what the vials look like:

They both had the same vials since they're from the same line. Be careful not to cut yourself when opening them, the metal is quite sharp and might ruin your nails haha. I also like to use a q-tip to fish out the lenses because they sometimes like to stuck there. So let's get started with the review:

Amaze Gray

They almost look invisible in the lens case haha. I once dropped them and it took me so long to find them, I was so happy that they didn't dry up by that time ;-;

This is what the pattern looks like on my finger:
I honestly thought they wouldn't show up on my dark brown eyes at all because they look pretty subtle and not that opaque on my finger.

The pattern is kept pretty simple and has a light grey pixelated pattern. No black limbal ring and it seems to have a slight gradation towards the middle.

And now onto the interesting part. Amaze Gray~worn.

Love, love, LOVE these lenses! They look so natural, authentic and really give off these solotica vibes. Just look how natural they look, even close-up! Heads up on the diameter too. They don't seem too big. And one photo in natural lighting...

Ahh them feels haha. It looks just like this is my natural color and the graphic pattern is so realistic too. I'm very, very impressed by these lenses. Here's one last without/with photo to show you the enlargement. I think there's no enlargement in my case or maybe a very, very minor one.

My experience: 
I think I already made it pretty clear how much I like these lenses haha. They're pretty nice for lightening up your eye color naturally without a lot of enlargement. They really do remind me a lot of Solotica lenses, so if you have been eyeing them but don't have too much money on your hands, you could give these lenses a try. I think they' could be a nice dupe. I honestly think they give my eyes a really sultry look haha.

The comfort is just like with any other lenses imo. You don't feel them anymore after some time but they start to make my eyes feel a little tired and dry after about 4 hours? I recommend not wearing lenses for too long anyway and to use eyedrops as often as possible! You only have one pair of eyes in your life!


Personal Rating:
I only gave 4/5 despite loving them so much because they're not super duper comfortable and that might bother some people but they're probably the best lenses I have tried so far for natural + light lenses on dark brown eyes! Highly recommended if you're looking for lenses that will lighten up your eyes naturally and have no enlargement. Some selfies of me wearing them:

Sorry for my big face hehe.

Amaze Brown ♡

These lenses look very subtle in the case too but thank god they're brown, it's much easier to spot them in the lens case haha. Here's a close up of the pattern on my finger:

The pattern is just like the Amaze Gray lenses but in brown haha. It doesn't look too opaque on my finger but worn..

 Amaze Brown lenses~worn.

My experience:
Oh wells, I feel exactly the same as with the Amaze Gray lenses about them, just that the color is different. I think they're GREAT for lightening up dark eyes. The color kind of reminds me of crocodiles and is more on the beige/olive green side, than on the sweet brown side. These lenses would look great for a sultry/sexy eye makeup look imo and just like with the Amaze Gray lenses, the enlargement is not very big! Comfort is just like the gray lenses as well. You can scroll back to the Amaze Gray lens review if you haven't read it yet haha.


Personal Rating:
I honestly like the color of these lenses a tad less than the gray lenses because I feel like that sultry/sexy look doesn't suit me that much haha. I know plenty of people who love beige contact lenses though. These lenses remind me even more of the brown lenses from Solotica. If you're looking for lenses to lighten up your eyes, these are perfect for that purpose, I highly recommend them! Here's a selfie of me with them:

I would also like to thank love shoppingholics for sending me these lenses for review purpose and also including this cute duck set for me. They're super sweet and put so much effort into preparing the orders. I find them to be very generous and sweet, thank you so much! I really appreciate all your efforts. Please do check them out if you have some time on your hands and are looking for some new circle lenses! ♥

 ...or if you have no money on your hands you can also try your luck in my circle lens giveaway on instagram here.

♥ You can find both lenses on loveshippingholics.com for USD$ 19.90 ♥

Also thank you so much for reading my review! 
I hope you will have a lovely day! ♥

Blogger June L. said on October 21, 2018 at 9:09 PM  

Wait actually I saw the latest post, but I like these a lot better! You look so niceeee tho, not sultry in a bad way AHAHAHHA. I miss you booboo T_T I hate when nice looking lenses are slightly uncomfortable though...

Junniku blog!~

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