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  BBIA Last Lip Mousse & Water (#01소개팅해썸 & #02자몽즙)
Hello everyone!! ♥
I'm back with another beauty review! I noticed how dead blogger actually got (or maybe its just me) but many bloggers that I started with have stopped blogging or don't blog as much as they used to anymore (including me kinda). I somehow get tired of posting review after review and doing sponsored posts so I think I will definitely blog more about my life/personal stuff and also some beauty products I recently bought with my own money or some hauls >.< ♥ I hope you will look forward to it but well I just got too deep into it again hahah anyway...

A couple of months ago Jenny from http://itsmeeejennyy.blogspot.com/ sent me these two lippies as a surprise birthday present!! I was super surprised when the packet arrived with a really cute handmade card and also these two liptints ♥ Jenny is so sweet for sending me a present, I can't be more thankful for meeting her~! ♥

Here are the liptints and the little boxes they came with. She got me the BBIA Last Lip Mousse and also the BBIA Last Lip Water in shade #01 First Meeting (소개팅해썸) and #02 Grapefruit Juice (자몽즙)! I love both shades (Jenny knows me so well haha )

Product information + colors

Review photos

Here's the tip of the BBIA Last Lip Mousse in #01 First Meeting (소개팅해썸)

And here's the applicator tip of the BBIA Last Lip Water in #02 Grapefruit Juice (자몽즙)
There's a hole in it so it's easier to apply and you won't get too much product on your lips!

Here are some swatches of both lip tints! 
BBIA Last Lip Mousse (#01 First Meeting)  |  BBIA Last Lip Water (#02 Grapefruit Juice)

The Last Lip Mousse is a really cute rosy/salmony pink. The texture is very creamy and easy to blend. It doesn't feel as moisturising as most cream type liptints though but feels kind of soft? The scent of it is really weird imo and smells very artificial perfume-y? and like a product that has gone bad (but it's not!!)
The Last Lip Water feels very watery and also moisturising and glossy. The color looks like a neon orange (not really like a grapefruit).The scent is really pleasant and fresh, it smells like a mixture of oranges, berries and lime.

Both liptints stain but the Last Lip Water stains extremely while the stain of the Last Lip Mousse is barely noticeable

Here are some swatches on my lips
(excuse my pale and dry lips >.< )

BBIA Last Lip Mousse #01 First Meeting (소개팅해썸)
I really like how this color looks when you apply a little bit of it and not too much! It looks a little bit like a Barbie lipstick color(?) when you put on too much on your lips (at least on my lips >.<) which I don't like. It would be perfect for spring though. It does highlight dry lips a little and you should definitely exfoliate them the night before or put on some lipbalm. The finish looks semi-matte after a while.

You can get the BBIA Last Lip Mousse here for 5.92$

BBIA Last Lip Water #02 Grapefruit Juice (자몽즙)
I love this liptint, seriously! I wore it every single day when I was on vacation because I love how vivid this color is! It's such a nice color for summer when you want to step up your bright liptint game, I could even imagine wearing it in winter (that's how much I love it!). It does not highlight dry lips but when you remove it you will have a really bright pinkish stain! I don't mind but some people might not like this~The finish is very glossy but not oily or sticky. I'm going to get this liptint in another color for sure! >.< ♥

You can get the BBIA Last Lip Water here for 4.99$

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Blogger Unknown said on August 15, 2016 at 4:44 PM  

OOH I'm really loving the grapefruit juice one! the colour is so pretty


Blogger Karou said on August 16, 2016 at 5:22 AM  

That Grapefruit Juice shade is gorgeous! :)


Blogger Fifi ♥ said on August 16, 2016 at 7:41 AM  

Hi Mindy!!!

Omg i agree with you - i used to blog so often but once i started uni last year i realised that i didn't have so much spare time to blog anymore. I actually really miss blogging and reading my blogger friends posts~ I'm going to try and get motivated again to be a regular blogger again hehe :)

Happy belated birthday btw! I really love the colour of The First Meeting, I love how you can choose whether you want the lip mousse to look super vibrant or natural on your lips~~ The grapefruit juice is nice too but i think it's too bright for me but looks really good on you ^_^


Blogger Unknown said on August 16, 2016 at 2:57 PM  

So nice of Jenny to send them to you :D The Grapefruit Juice has amazing color payoff! I would love it if my lip tints could give me vibrant tint after eating and drinking.


Blogger Jenny said on August 18, 2016 at 8:27 AM  

Hehehehe I chose the lip tint very well *applauds* :D
I agree with you~ I got sick of posting review after review and that's why I got so lazy lol
We should step up our game :D

Blogger aimiichie said on August 18, 2016 at 11:37 PM  


Wow, yeah...it feels like forever since I last went on your blog/actually interacted with another blogger in awhile! I agree with Fifi, that after University started, I just haven't been blogging as much as I'd like. But now, I'm getting back into it, and I really missed it! I hope you continue to keep blogging in the future!!!

I haven't been keeping up with any korean beauty products actually. >< So I've never heard of bbia at all. D: But the lip products look really good! I like the bbia last lip mousse when you applied it with just 3 dots. It looks really natural and the cute pink looks really nice~ I really love the last lip water's pigmentation too! Ah~ So cute!

Anyway~ Hopefully I'll talk to you later!

Love, Aimee
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Blogger y u k u ♡ said on August 21, 2016 at 5:04 PM  

I personally liked the pink color more than the orange one... but still both products look really nice (and that's a lot from someone who usually doesn't like lipsticks or tints for that matter)... :D
I'd love to read more about your life and personal hauls. I try to revive my blogging after being off over summer, too so it motivates me to see that I'm not the only one ^^;

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